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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I decide what entertainment is best for my party?


Your budget, theme, amount of space, number of guests and whether you want dancing often dictate what will work.  We've done every type of party imaginable so our years of experience will be of help.


How many musicians do I need?


It often depends on whether you want dance music or just background.  For a wedding with 150 to 200 guests 6-9 pieces is fairly common.  1 to 3 players may be sufficient for the same number of guests at a non-dancing/corporate cocktail party.  



What instruments should I have?


It depends on the style of music you want or the atmosphere you're trying to create.  We can help you with ideas.  Consider having a chordal instrument such as keyboard or guitar but there are exceptions such as a string trio or mixed string quartet.  We recommend drums if there's dancing and at least one vocalist.  Many of our musicians play and sing.


Do we have to tell the musicians what to play?


We ask you to download and fill out our special event "checklist" with special requests, dedications and 6 or 8 of your all-time favorites.  Rest assured, we're expert at the reading a crowd.  We know the "money" tunes that will get everyone up.  We want what you want, a room full of smiling faces, a packed dance floor and nothing but compliments.


What about songs not on your list?


It's impossible to list every song in our repertoire.  We will learn up to 2 totally unfamiliar songs for your event.  If we feel we can't do a song request justice, we'll let you know.


Do your musicians take breaks?


Depending on the size of the ensemble we like to give you "continuous" LIVE music by leaving 1 or 2 players up to play quiet background during a course.  Our musicians "spell" each other so that everyone's back when it's time to dance.

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